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We take pride in delivering fast and accurate information, while providing superb customer service and unparalleled attention to every detail

Who Are We?

Invisia is specialized in remarkable customer support, cost-effective real estate tax services, city lien search, title search, world-class software engineering products, securing global talents through recruitment process outsourcing solutions that help streamline processes for organizations by generating new revenue for start-ups and established businesses alike.

When looking at the big picture, we aim to transform our expertise pulled from a diverse portfolio of industries into services ensuring all your business needs are met. With our team, we outhustle the competition using our national-caliber expertise and technical depth to produce outstanding products and services. Our comprehensive system of tools and practices, ensures quick ramp-up, the right cultural fit, cutting-edge technology, the fastest turnaround times, and the great quality of our services.


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Why Invisia?

At Invisia, we provide a strong foundation along with a dedicating team, who’ll help you set goals, tackle pivotal challenges, and make concrete recommendations to empower you. Our acute understanding of industry trends, challenges, and true perception of the company’s goals is a proven strategy that permits us to anticipate and outreach to opportunities that might otherwise go untapped. Our professionals steeped in various sectors can help your company in making your success story by going an extra mile and helping you find the right solution using our core competencies such as:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Value-centricity

What We Do

We work with ambitious people to deliver exceptional services

Customer Service

We strive to provide professional and cost-effective customer care services for companies. Our Customer Service Representatives are always highly trained, endeavoring, and actively engage with potential or existing customers and leverage valuable insights for expansion of your revenue and retention. They make sure that your precious customer is satisfied and gets the right information for their queries to pave in the right direction.

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Title Search

Invisia takes pride in performing title searches which is an integral component of most real estate transactions. Our experienced team conducts a title search during the course of a real estate transaction to provide you protection against challenges you meet in-house. The streamlined title search we provide is tailored for your needs thereby reducing overhead and operating costs.

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Real Estate Tax Service

Invisia provides real-time current and delinquent tax status on all taxing entities for a property. Our data is consistent, comprehensive, and 100% error-free, as reported by the tax authority. We also provide supporting documents as evidence of the information provided in the tax certificate based on our customer’s request. We provide customers with complete tax status information.

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City Lien Search

City lien searches confirm whether or not there are any issues or liens attached to the property in question at the city/local level. Invisia representatives connect with the appropriate county or city officials through email/call/fax to verify and confirm the current status of the property. This final inspection is usually performed a week or two prior to closing and affords potential lenders and buyers the confidence that any and all issues have been suitably addressed and settled and any unknown liabilities have been avoided before the purchase.

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Staffing Solutions(RPO)

We take expertise in finding and connecting extraordinary individuals to exceptional roles for your mission-driven companies. In short, we’ve created a better way to identify human intelligence and match them with your company’s needs. This impactful work of end-to-end recruitment benefits candidates and companies in reaching their final goals.

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Software Engineering Service

With our professional mindset and profound understanding of technologies, we build corporate and consumer applications to set your business up for success today and in the future. We look beyond technology to offer viable solutions for your unique business context.

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