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In this contemporary age, no one likes an unanswered call! What prospective customers need is someone they can reach anytime when the need arises, well if you are busy setting long-term goals for your business and don’t have time to answer each query Invisia will be there for you providing services to your customers.

Here’s what we do. Our customized customer support experts will help you build a new team or complement your existing one. Learning about your business, they will sound just like your in-house staff that helps achieve your vision.

Our outsourcing team will optimize your support processes and make sure that all your customers get state-of-the-art services. This well-trained team delivers the high-quality service with which all you have to do is revel in the success that is sure to come your way.

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If finding a perfect title is one task, then making sure it’s legally protected has become another. But at Invisia, we made property protection a breeze. One must look into a property’s past, not just the future but every time while buying an asset. This is carried out to ensure that there are no flaws associated with your property. To do so Title search can help you.

A title search is an integral component of most real estate transactions. A potential buyer risks inheriting any number of legal issues left behind by previous owners if they fail to perform thorough research into records associated with a piece of property. These can include outstanding liens, pending taxes, ownership disputes, or incorrect filling. It is important to have an experienced professional conduct a title search during the course of a real estate transaction to avoid massive financial headaches which can be caused by these hidden potential legal problems.

At Invisia, we can deliver customized title search services that aid in reducing overhead and operating costs by performing an in-depth search of all the public records.

Our team performs rigorous research using exhaustive and systematic methods to make sure that no lien issues will crop up once the ownership has been transferred. We make sure to double-check every aspect of the property that has been sold to you, which will avoid any fraud and forgery that might not be easily found on public records.

We believe in staying one step ahead. So our team is a group of individuals who can scale up or scale down the data according to your company’s requirements. That being said, a title search is a process that not just requires a huge amount of database but also people who are aware of data sensitivity, and our team fits right if you are looking for something similar. In the end, you will be able to land property in your name which is free of liens, unresolved lawsuits, mortgages, pending taxes, easements, leases, and other outstanding issues or restrictions that could impact the transfer of ownership.

Title Search Services We Offer:

  • Current Owner Search
  • Two Owner Search
  • 10 Years Search
  • 20 Years Search
  • 30 Years Search
  • Full Search
  • Update Search

Additional Title Search Services:

  • Deed Search
  • Open Mortgage Search
  • Liens & Judgment Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Copies Search
  • Latest Tax Status Search
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Properties often lack the necessary sources to properly maintain property tax assessments and this leads to unforeseen obstacles. It’s the responsibility of the property investor/owner to know the importance of tax due diligence because this can save money and protect you from losing your home.

Effective tax planning is a must for all real-estate holdings. This is because every tax implication has a significant impact on real-estate-related decisions, Hence it becomes important to choose the right tax planner because that becomes the bottom line for your real-estate planning.

Invisia provides real-time current and delinquent tax status on all taxing entities for a property. Our data is consistent, comprehensive, and 100% error-free, as reported by the tax authority. We also provide supporting documents as evidence of the information provided in the tax certificate based on our customer’s request. We provide customers with complete tax status information.

Our team can assist you with the following credentials:

  • Tax identification/Parcel numbers
  • Assessed / Building value
  • Homestead exemption
  • Tax year / Current year taxes
  • Delinquent prior year taxes
  • The paid amount and paid dates
  • Redemption tax information
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Buying a property without looking into the records is one of the common mistakes you need to avoid. Because there might be some underlying threats that you weren’t aware of. To be sure that the property you are buying isn’t tied up with any legal issues you need a city lien search. It is a procedure that presents a bunch of documents that will benefit you in wholesome.

Well, the name city lien search may sound a little scary but the procedure isn’t. City lien search is mandatory for due diligence to close a real estate transaction. It is a search that confirms whether or not there are any issues or liens attached to the property in question at the city/local level. This city lien search ensures that you are not being trapped in unrecorded property issues which include violation of any zoning, codes, or any open permit violations. These violations or negligence can pose a possible threat to the property owners.

Invisia is a pro in finding leads about lien search so you can find your property transaction closing easily and don’t have to be trapped in unforeseen debt. Our professionals will email/call/fax the appropriate county or city officials and confirm the current status of the property. Thus, the information collected will be sent to you as documents that will fill the gaps by finding any possible would-be liens prior to a week or two before closing. This final search gives buyers and lenders the confidence that all issues have been addressed and they’ll avoid inheriting any unknown liabilities before they purchase the property.

Our Lien Search Report Includes:

  • Local property taxes on land and building
  • Billed amount, paid amount, paid date, and delinquent tax information
  • Open/Pending/Expired Permits
  • We search for open/pending and expired permit information on the property
  • Code Enforcement
  • Violations provided in the city/county lien search results, code enforcement information is requested for each lien search
  • Utility Account Balance
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Recruitment is a crucial process requiring comprehensive research, thorough procedures, and a knack for producing high-quality hires with consistency. Because recruitment nowadays is not about just filling a job rather it is about talent mining. Hence, selecting and employing the right people for the right job is crucial for the growth of your company. To make this happen you need a classic recruitment process. Because if selecting the right candidate is one milestone then the recruitment process followed to hire is another.

Invisia RPO(Recruitment process outsourcing) solutions is a workforce firm that provides acquisition solutions to businesses within the United States. Whether you are a giant organization, need help to fill niche roles according to your market, observe growth in your company, or have peaks in hiring volume, we can empower you with the best recruitment process outsourcing solutions.

With our domain experience in Talent Acquisition, Strategic Workforce Planning, Technology Stack, and Top Brass Search, we can help you have a winning strategy that can fill positions in your organization faster with the ace candidate who perfectly fits the role.

The corporate synergy between our team and your HR team will drill down into insights and data of RPO solutions for delivering real-time results.

We are an open book. You will know it when we work together. But to give you a hint about it, here is the strategy we follow to provide talent advisory hiring support:

  • Devise a recruitment plan
  • Sourcing
  • Recruit the position
  • Review applications
  • Phone Interview/Initial Screening
  • Interviews Scheduling
  • Background Verification
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Payrolling

Invisia is your one-stop for all your niche required recruitment processes. These are the markets we can help you with:

  • IT
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Medical devices
  • Engineering
  • Semiconductor
  • Creative
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In the era of growing technology, one must stay upon in-depth up-to-date, because this adds value to your day-to-day operations and assists you to do business in lesser time and in a cost-effective way. Software engineering solutions we provide are cutting edge and bring you simple, seamless business automation.

Invisia is your best technology partner to turn your vision into reality. Our best strategy and the knowledge-backed team will help you streamline workflows and improve productivity, and intensify the user experience. We produce comprehensive technology roadmaps to the end-to-end development of scalable solutions.

The skillset our team supplements to its developments creates the following magic:

  • Custom software engineering
  • Platform-based software engineering
  • Application maintenance
  • Application modernization
  • Product engineering
  • QA and testing

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Assure customer satisfaction with the feedback of the delivered services

Provide bright solutions with profitable results

Transform your vision into a productive outcome

This we shall achieve by

Ensuring continual improvement in our services and products

Providing a growth-oriented work environment to our employees

Establishing and maintaining symbiotic relationships with all our customers

Complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements

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