5 benefits of outsourcing the recruitment to experts

5 benefits of outsourcing the recruitment to experts

With a crowded and competitive marketplace, a company’s success hinges on your ability in attracting the right personnel, and retaining them for achieving maximum efficiency becomes the key. But many companies are finding it difficult to select the most suited candidates in this war of skills and talent. This brings us to the question, Is your organization’s talent acquisition program equipped to recruit individuals with the necessary skills and experience to make a transformative contribution.

To help you make this process easy RPO will be the most helpful solution. Now, what is RPO? RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a business model in which all your recruitment actions are assigned to an external provider. An RPO provider can act as an extension of your company’s internal HR recruitment function for holistic hiring solutions, typically based on-site with you and working under your company.

This service provides talent acquisition services to place people in professional and non-professional positions to drive cost, quality, technology, efficiency, compliance, and scalability benefits by fulfilling your company’s requirements. The growing requirements of both large and small industries are dangling on internal teams to source high-quality talent, and with such a daunting responsibility on their shoulders, even the best sourcing teams may use help. That is the reason more companies are partnering with RPO companies to support their teams or are entirely outsourcing HR recruiting functions to streamline their talent acquisition and recruitment process.

Now you must be thinking about how this RPO exactly benefits you. To make this clear, here are some highlights you should know:

Cost-effectiveness is one of the prime benefits of RPO because many organizations spend a significant amount of money on job hunters which are leading to loss of money through poor quality hires, lengthy vacancy periods, and high turnover rates. So other companies are losing their money to underutilized technologies, and RPO saves companies money in the long run by decreasing your average cost-per-hire.

This is because using RPO providers you can scale up and scale down the recruitment based on the fluctuations in your company. Thus, shifting to RPO can fill vacancies using proactive sourcing strategies by focusing on efficiency and robustness which can save you cost and gain you quality.

When it is about the quality of hire there is more to determining whether the candidate is right for the job or not, which doesn’t include just experience and education qualification. There’s always more to it. Hiring and retaining a candidate requires an in-depth understanding of their passion, personality, and previous accomplishment. An RPO provider should have been comprehension of technology, recruitment process design, sourcing, branding, and reporting. With these core values hiring managers can make more informed decisions which will positively impact the quality of the hire and the performance of all new hires.

Nowadays the trend of attracting candidates with high-scale salaries and more perks has become ancient history. Rather potential employees are looking for the employment brand of a company. This includes flexible timings, company ratings by present or past employees, and a smooth hiring process. An RPO can amplify your employer brand with excellent management techniques and technology-driven approaches. But how do they do this?

Well, imagine you are being recruited in a company and they tend to have a consistent recruit-to-hire process and employee-friendly recruitment process. Wouldn’t you want to join the company right away? This is what an RPO does “Candidate satisfaction”. When this happens all they will talk about is good things about your company which will have a powerful impact on your employer brand. In addition, they also use social media, analytics, and other tech tools to build your organization’s image.

A company may sometimes need a bulk amount of employees or it may need only 2-3 employees to go with. But with this requirement, if you are still opting for the traditional recruitment process you are doomed. Because this is both time and resource wasting. Now how can RPO be your savior in this situation? An RPO firm will re-engineer your company’s entire recruiting process organization’s recruitment demands in such a way that you can scale your recruitment up or down during high and low volume periods. Sounds pretty convenient, doesn’t it? So with RPO on your side, you can downsize your hiring if you are having a hiring freeze or if you are expanding your organization you can enjoy access to additional competent consultants from RPO talent pools or shared services centers.

Would you like it if your company has vacancies for a longer time? You don’t, right? Because this will lead to extra work to the existing employees which are vexing and tiresome at the same time. To overcome this burden RPO providers can assist you by reducing time-to-fill. RPO solutions adapt to consistent and flexible hiring techniques by tracking and tracing every stage of the recruitment process alongside real-time reporting which will help your organization to adhere to tight time-to-hire deadlines. Driving consistency and efficiency in the recruitment process and developing a superior talent attraction plan by the RPO providers can help your firm reduce the time to hire and increase productivity. Organizations can reap the benefits of having successfully filled vacancies within a less time frame.

With the phenomenal growth in talent in the market the need for RPO services has grown tremendously and not just that but also because of the Fit to purpose service they offer as they search for the experts that can pick the job and deliver what your company needs. In addition with RPO on your side, the collaboration between your HR team and RPO team can bring top candidates that can fit your company’s expectations and add value to your company repeating all benefits. Not just that, despite being cost-friendly, quick, and beneficial in every aspect RPO service helps you streamline internal processes, will improve employee engagement.

Now if a service is providing such benefits who wouldn’t want to choose it?